What we buy

What We Buy

We buy all coins from junk to gem; from all countries. Gold, Silver, Collector Coins, even foreign exchange. Contact us for a friendly competitive quote.

Don’t live close by? No problem. You can mail your items to us for a free appraisal. If you decide to sell the items we will send out payment (Canadian or US funds). Items not purchased will be returned at our expense. For your further convenience , we are available on short notice , for house calls in our local area. We can also attend at your bank or local law firm if necessary.

Send your items to: Paccoin/Noble | Vedder Crossing | PO Box 1147 | Chilliwack BC | V2R 3N7

Current Requirements

Canadian Silver Dollars 1935-1967 paying a minimum of $12.00 each. Key Dates we pay much more 1945 $145 and up 1947 $75 and up 1948 $875 and up based on minimum EF condition.
USA Silver Dollars pre 1935 paying $17 and up. Always paying fair prices for Carson City Morgans and Key Date Dollars. Early USA dollars and type coins wanted!
Any World Silver Crowns especially 19th and 20th Century Crowns of Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China. We pay TOP Dollar for nice coins!
We also desire 1/2 Reales to 8 Reales Spanish Colonial and Mexican, VG or better.
We need Indian pre 1946 Silver Rupees.
All World Gold Coins, USA ,Great Britain, European.
Bullion or collectors coins we pay competitive prices.
We also buy GOLD and SILVER scrap in most forms. We buy banknotes of all nations. Always looking for 1935 and earlier Canada. We buy war medals, military memorable historical medals, ephemera, and many small collectibles. Contact Us.

Sound Advice

Over the years we find that many people attempt to do things that they feel will increase the value of their items. In most cases they are unknowingly damaging their valuables and in turn reducing the amount of money we can offer for their valuables.


Do Not:

  • Never attempt to clean your coins. Collectors appreciate natural looking coins.
  • Never attempt to press your paper money.
  • Do not wrap your coins or items in saran wrap as it will damage your coins over time.
  • Do not keep your collection in basements where there can be moisture and humidity.
  • Never rub or wipe surfaces of coins as it will leave minor surface scratches.
  • If your coins are in plastic pages and starting to show signs of green (Plastic contamination) remove ASAP and consult your local coin dealer.
  • Try to handle coins by their edges, especially red copper, and handle as little as possible.
  • The Internet is a great source of information, however to a novice collector it can be very misleading for determining values of your coins. Always refer to reference books and or a professional dealer.


  • Keep your coins and paper money protected in safe holders to prevent further wear and scratches.
  • Monitor your collectibles at least 3 times a year to insure no contamination or moisture is affecting your items.
  • Keep your collection in a stable environment with as little temperature change and humidity as possible
  • If there is a smoker in the house consider an air tight location to prevent smoke damage and unwanted odors on your items.

Contact us for prompt courteous service and competitive prices